Site Selection and Site Analysis

What is the value of conducting a Site Analysis for my home?

AKJ Architects will conduct a site analysis to evaluate the potential a parcel to support a particular project. This includes reviewing zoning regulations and their impact on the project, an assessment of the infrastructure of on-site and adjacent utilities, and an examination of any existing man-made structures that will impact the proposed project.

Our analysis will be based off a licensed survey that documents specific information relevant to the City of Seattle or Bellevue's zoning code such as existing buildings, site boundaries, significant trees, streets, topography and building height. Our analysis will be presented in the form of a graphical sketch and calculations. The analysis is useful for our clients and is a valuable first step before generating any building proposals.

Work associated with site selection and analysis includes some or all of the following:

  • Site Survey review
  • Municipal zoning review
  • Documenting parameters for a property
  • Walking & photographing property
  • Identifying required setback locations
  • Identifying code compliant development locations
  • Calculating maximum lot coverage
Site Sketch image