Construction Contract Administration and Observation Services

Benefit from the knowledge of an experienced architect when your home is being built

We recommend that AKJ Architects administer the contract between you and your general contractor by periodically observing the construction of the project at a minimum. Our firm recommends that clients retain our professional architectural services during the construction phase of the project to answer questions, review submittals, take meeting notes, and be by your side to assist you in making the final design decisions before they are built and installed by the general contractor. Given our knowledge working with contractors during construction, our observations and feedback will provide you with helpful guidance and minimize the stress that goes along with the hundreds of questions that you will be asked throughout the construction of your Seattle or Bellevue home. When a client is looking for beauty, function and thoughtfully conceived solutions, having our experienced eye by your side to make a final recommendation will pay for itself long after the project is completed & you are enjoying your home.

Services we provide you associated with Construction Contract Administration includes:

  • Participation at Regular Construction Site Meetings
  • Assisting in Design Decisions that will impact the Project Schedule
  • Review and Approve Submittals for Windows, Doors, Cabinets, Millwork and Finishes
  • Provide Site Observation Meeting Notes
  • Review Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical & Low-voltage Wiring prior to Drywall
  • Communicating with you regarding the Progress and Issues associated with Construction
  • Review Change Orders with you as Submitted by the Contractor
  • Advocate fairly for our clients
  • Maintain Project Records in an Orderly manner
  • Review Construction Payment Requests
Arlene and General Contractor On Site image