Navigating the permitting process within the City of Seattle

According to the 2015 Seattle Residential Code R105.1..."a building permit shall be obtained from the building official for each building or structure prior to erecting, constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, moving, improving, removing, changing the occupancy of, or demolishing such building or structure..."

So, what is a residential building permit?

A Building Permit is a formal document issued by a municipality providing permission to start construction of a new building, an addition, or a renovation. A residential building permit is issued to design professionals on behalf of their clients who create projects that are in compliance with the building code for the City of Seattle or Bellevue, along with other local and state laws. The architectural and structural plans for homes must be technically detailed, accurate, and code-compliant.

At AKJ Architects, we have experience guiding clients through the regulatory process of permitting design projects in the Puget Sound region and we'll prepare your code-compliant architectural drawings, forms, and calculations to either the city of Seattle, Bellevue, or a surrounding community in the Puget Sound region. In addition, for projects where a site survey, a geotechnical engineering report, or structural engineering design services are needed, we'll recommend professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable to provide the scope of work needed for your particular design project.

Types of information typically requested by municipalities include:

  • Architectural Design Drawings, Calculations and Specifications (plans, elevations, sections, and various details)
  • Structural Design Drawings, Calculations and Specifications (plans, sections and various details)
  • Land Use Zoning Site Plan and Calculations
  • Site Survey
  • Geotechnical Engineering Report
  • Energy Code Compliance Forms
  • Waste Diversion, Deconstruction and Salvage Assessment Forms
  • Financial Responsibility Forms
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