Architectural Design

Why should I hire a licensed architect?

If you're an existing or future homeowner and are about to embark on an architectural design project in Seattle, Bellevue, or anywhere in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, you'll benefit from hiring an architect whose experienced in working with residential clients that desire custom solutions; an architect who has the creative talent to take your ideas from a thought to a building; and an architect who understands the complex regulatory requirements for homeowners when it comes to permitting a project successfully. Every residential project is unique. And, when it comes to generating strategic design solutions, we understand how to approach the problem, develop concepts, review options, evaluate potential challenges, and work with you to generate a customized design that will meet your needs, proving that good design is good business. In addition, we'll recommend the specific types of consultants that could be required for your project such as: Structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, surveying, or civil engineering.

Given the wide range of skills needed to solve these one-of-a-kind designs, it's beneficial to work with a residential architect who has the experience, knowledge, organizational skills, and resources to guide you through the process, minimize the risk, and maximize the value that you'll get from a home that's renovated or expanded built exclusively for you and your family.

Our firm takes pride in providing a small dedicated team for every client. We offer highly personalized, professional, and friendly customer service that strives to go the extra mile for our clients.

We will collaborate with you on any of the following types of projects:

  • Interior Residential Renovations
  • Building Additions
  • Residential Accessory Structures
  • Attached and Detached Residential Dwelling Units
  • Historic Preservation Projects
  • Feasibility Design
  • Site Planning
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