Finish and Material Selection

Experienced, Sensible & Appropriate

Today's homes have a seemingly limitless choice in building materials and finishes. Where do you start? AKJ Architects provides the knowledge and experience you need to make well-informed finish and material decisions throughout your home. Our office has offered design guidance for many clients over the years, capitalizing on Arlene's background in fine art and design. We’ll work with you to develop the exterior finish and material color palette as well as the interior finishes and color palette. We've completed numerous kitchens and bathroom projects with customized tile and stone slab layouts that required technically detailed drawings. Our knowledge of wood, stone, tile, metal, and wall finishes enables us to design and document ideas that will look beautiful and endure through time. We can also work with your interior designer/decorator so your furniture, fabrics, and decorative lighting are coordinated with the architectural finishes.

For clients interested in creating a paneled library, office, or other hand-crafted room, we've designed a number of these spaces in collaboration with contractors and other Seattle and Bellevue design professionals where our combined knowledge and experience in materials, finishes design, proportion, custom detailing, and construction sequences has resulted in spaces that speak of old world craftsmanship as seen in period homes from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Areas where we can be of assistance to you include:

  • Stone and Tile Selection & Specification
  • Stone and Quartz Slab Selection & Specification
  • Wood Flooring Selection and Stains
  • Paint Colors
  • Bathroom Finish & Material Selections
  • Kitchen Finishes
  • Venetian Plaster Color & Finish Selection
  • Stained Wood Casework Finishes
  • Finish Mock-Ups
Detailed Window Moulding image