Interior Architecture, Casework and Millwork Design

Seasoned Design Advisor

At AKJ Architects our team is experienced in creative problem solving, trained in architecture and interior design, and maintains professional memberships in both the American Institute of Architects and American Society of Interior Designers. We bring that knowledge to the table for each of our residential clients. When a building design has been submitted to the city of Seattle or Bellevue for permitting, it's a wise investment to keep working with us to develop the technical details of the interior architecture, casework, and millwork in advance of starting construction. The design drawings we produce will be hand-crafted on-site by artisans and typically attached to your home as kitchen cabinets, built-in furniture, fireplace surrounds, door and window casings, crown moldings, staircase railings, and guardrails. Interior architectural elements, casework, and millwork are highly coordinated with the building framing, connect with various building utility systems, and may function to provide a safe environment. Finally, these elements add timeless beauty to your home when conceived as a unified whole due to the careful thought that has been given to proportion, material, size, shape, and pattern.

Why is the interior architecture important?

We spend more time inside our homes than outside, and if the interior of our homes meets our personal needs for our unique lifestyle, our homes will feel that much more comforting. That's why our firm focuses as much on the interior of the building as the exterior. We're well versed in developing the required details and documentation through training in both architecture and design, along with the support of additional professionals, if needed, such as distributed audio specialists, lighting control specialists, decorators, and artists. Given how complex our homes have become, having an architect well versed in the process of orchestrating the details is a great value.

Here are some spaces where we can be of value to you:

  • Kitchen Designs
  • Home Office Designs
  • Butler Pantries
  • Home Library Designs
  • Family Rooms
  • Master Bedroom, Bath and Sitting Area Designs
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Staircases and Guardrail Designs
  • Replicating Millwork Details for Historic Preservation Projects
  • Dining Rooms
  • Home Theater Designs
  • Custom Closets
  • Powder Room Vanities
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