Home Office, Homeschool and Library Design

Thoughtful, comfortable and functional design for the new home office

As the shifts and changes of these times bring in new ways of living and working, the home office, library, and workspace are more important than ever. Once a more common part of home planning, this hasn't been a prioritized element of home design in the last several decades. However, as business practices evolve, the biggest shift is in creating a permanent home workspace that fits with your lifestyle and work style.

Whether you're ready to upgrade a space that was put together quickly and haphazardly or you're planning a home addition to create a new office, AKJ can help with the planning and design to fit your needs. We design great spaces for working adults in need of an executive office or household command center, as well as for multiple family members in a family computer room or homeschool space. AKJ has deep roots in commercial corporate office design, laboratory and hospital office design, bringing knowledge and expertise to this type of project even in tight spaces.

We'll guide you through space planning, custom cabinet choices, and shelving for your home library. We'll designate seating for primary occupants of the office, and if you like, we'll accommodate guests for formal or informal meetings. We'll integrate technology planning for things like computers, printers, phones, lighting, and television screens along with all the related wiring and connectivity needs. We have ongoing relationships with specialists in IT infrastructure to ensure everyone who needs to be connected can do so with adequate speed and bandwidth. Ergonomics are important considerations as well, so we'll review how your individual work station is arranged, integrating details of your chair, desk, and monitor. And finally, we can tackle some of the nuances like providing views to nature, setting your virtual meeting look, and getting the office space sound proofed if needed.

It's important to create the personality and feel of the office you're conducting business through finishes, furniture, and smart design principles. Through drawings and 3-D renderings you'll be able to see your new office all the way down to the furnishings and finishes right before your eyes.

Home Office Services Include:

  • Integrating equipment with workspaces
  • Window treatment to minimize glare on computer screens
  • Furniture selections and specifications
  • Finish selection and documentation
  • Shelving and storage for books and work/school materials
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